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Brazzlie Jones

Hi: Dr. Adeli. I read your blog and was very impressed by it. I have worked with children 30years plus. I am now retried and are looking for something to keep doing with children. I apply for a job in the ASP for some time now and has not heard back from them. I spoke with one of your ASP teacher just before thanksgiving and she informed me that they were in need of help . my grandson is in your first grade there and it would give me grate pleasure to be able to work at your school. I have all of my information on the website where you apply for work of any kind in the school system. I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother or 13 a grate grandmother of 1 I have been a forester mother and I have own my day care so as you can see my life is center around children I have been a Sunday school teacher. and the list go's on *I even delivered a baby at the age of 20 doing my nursing class at cobb well care hospital. worked with children for 5 years that was abused. need I say more. so please look at my information and let me know what you think. Ms. Brazzlie Jones

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